Trainer aircraft crashes in Kaduna, military officers feared dead

An Air Force trainer plane is said to have crashed in Kaduna state, with the two pilots on board feared to have been killed.

A security source told the media  that a trainer plane crashed at the Air Force training base in Kaduna on Tuesday during a training session. The Air Force hasn’t confirmed the crash yet.

The plane is said to have come from the 401 flying school.

The Nigerian Air Force’s 401 flying training school has been providing effective flying training for almost 40 years. This is shown by the high quality of its graduates over the years.

However, this isn’t the first time that a Nigerian Air Force plane has had a problem, either inside or outside of its training facilities.

In 2018, a pilot was hurt when a plane from the Nigerian Air Force crashed in Kaduna state.

As part of his flying training at the Kaduna 401 Flying Training School in Nigeria, the student pilot is said to have had to make an emergency landing in Kaduna. The plane was a Diamond 40 training plane.

A one-seater plane called Diamond 40 is used to train air force people.

The military in Nigeria has had a lot of planes crash in the past.

When a NAF plane crashed in Kaduna, Nigeria, in May 2021, the then Chief of the Army Staff, Ibrahim Attahiru, and 10 other military officers were killed, as well.

Also in March 2021, a military plane crashed in the Sambisa forest with two people on board.

When the army was clearing out the Sambisa forest last month, they found the wreckage of the crashed Alpha Jet, the army said at the time.

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