India will have world’s cheapest 5G market– Bill Gates

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Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has said India will soon become one of the “cheapest 5G markets” in the world.

According to Asia One on Tuesday, the US billionaire stated that no country in the world has built a more comprehensive and robust digital infrastructure than India.

Prior to digital infrastructure, Gates stated that achieving the number of bank accounts that the country has today would have taken 50 years.

During his visit to India early March, Gates acknowledged India’s competitive private market, reliable and low-cost connectivity.

He said that India will be one of the cheapest 5G markets globally, stressing that the Asian country already sees a great digital network and high levels of smartphone use with really good connectivity.

Gates revealed this at a session held under India’s G20 Presidency on March 1, as he affirmed that the push for being among the cheapest 5G network providers would be on the back of a competitive private market.

He, then, said there is a scope of duplicating India’s low-cost digital public infrastructure models across some of the developing nations like Kenya and Brazil, “where the costs of such deliveries continue to be high.”

Gates met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on March 3. He called the conversation with the Prime Minister to be the “highlight” of his India trip that made him “more optimistic” about the country’s potential to make strides in the fields of health, climate change, and technology.

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