Mourinho bans Tottenham players from watching Bayern thrashing


José Mourinho says that he has banned his Tottenham players from watching the video nasty of their 7-2 Champions League home loss to Bayern Munich in October, which represented one of the final cuts for his managerial predecessor, Mauricio Pochettino.

Mourinho is in Munich for Wednesday night’s return Group B fixture, although there is not the same degree of jeopardy given that both clubs have already qualified for the knock-out rounds. Bayern have suffered back-to-back Bundesliga defeats and are in turmoil as they lag seventh in their domestic division but, to Mourinho, the recent past was not a principle concern.

“I forbid any image of it (the 7-2),” Mourinho said. “I watched it a couple of times: me, my staff and analysts try to go through every single aspect of that but not one single image for the boys. No. Not at all. We’re going to focus more on us than on Bayern.

“We’re going to try to develop our model of play, with different bodies, different phases, different players. But there is a certain way that we try to play football and try to develop our principles of play. And we’re totally focussed on us.”