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2023: Yorubas ‘ll Vote on Performance, Accountability – Groups

... _marks colourful Yoruba Unity Day_ ... _re-launch security App, Pajawiri for South West_

The Co-Convener of the Yoruba Unity Day Celebration, Otunba ‘Deji Osibogun has stressed that as 2023 beckons, the political decision of the Yoruba of South West will be based on performance and accountability.

The Unity Day it was exclusively gathered by Newsclick Nigeria was marked to commemorate the end of the 16-year old Kiriji War of 1877 to 1893 that solidify the ranks of the Yorubas from the Western flank to their kindred from the Eastern Parts of the Zone.

He made this declaration at the celebration of Yoruba National Day held by some Yoruba Organizations at the House of Chiefs in Agodi, Ibadan over the weekend.

Yoruba groups on behalf of whom Otunba Osibogun spoke comprise; _Yoruba Koya, Idande, OPC New Era, Agbekoya_ , among others.

In an inspiring remarks that drew applause from participants, the Ijebu High Chief posited that now that politics is full gear again, “the electorates in Yorubaland must demand for accountability from our representatives from the House of Assembly, to the National Assembly and respective Governors in the Southwest of Nigeria.

According to the accomplished Media Proprietor, “any political decision or voting in the South West zone come 2023 should be based on accountability and performance”.

Otunba Osibogun later presented a jeep to be equipped for security surveillance, a truck to ease transportation for farmers, starting with _Agbekoya_ farmers within Ibadan, Oyo State with a promise to extend the largesse to other local governments and States in the Southwest, with the aim of kick-starting a Co-operative Society models to assist farmers and traders in each of the 6 states in the Southwest.

Meanwhile, The Idande Group complimented the security architecture for Yorubaland by re-launching an umbrella security application known as _Pajawiri_ . Its an all encompassing application to help in tracking people whose life may be in danger.

Also launched to assist and consolidate the Cooperative Society formation, is the Digital Food Village. It was announced by the President of Idande, Arc George Akinola.

Towards the end of the event, the Agbekoya group read out a *demand to Southwest Governors* to kindly make available details of how agricultural funds both from the States budgets and interventions from the federal government have been disbursed over the years. They demanded for where exactly are the food silos in the Southwest even as they demanded that the Governors should make available to their Co-operatives, all necessary farming inputs and funds that are currently lacking.

Otunba Osibogun thereafter read and analysed the *Charter of Demands by Yorubas from Nigeria* on behalf of the Coalition of Leaders of Yoruba Organizations. The gathering of various Yoruba Organizations gave their yes voice vote to the demands and encouraged that the demands should be given wider publicity by the leadership of the organisations. The Charter of Demands is surely a positive step towards restructuring in Nigeria.

The event came with Basorun Adesokan giving the Yoruba iwure, a prayer blessing the gathering of Yorubas and praying for the Unity of its people nationally and worldwide.

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