Residents Destroys Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Signpost In Owerri

Imo state residents have been reported to have destroyed the Ellen Sirleaf Johnson road sign which was built by governor Rochas Okorocha in Owerri, as a show of their displeasure.

The Liberian president; Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Jacob Zuma of South Africa and Nana Ado Akufo of Ghana, were honored last year with their statues and signposts erected in Owerri by the Imo state governor.

Many Nigerians especially Imo state residents criticized and condemned the governor for honoring foreign leaders and “doing less” for his people in Imo state.

And now, it appears some of the residents have made their displeasure and threats real by destroying the signpost.

The other statues are located at the Ikemba Ojukwu Square which is heavily guarded.

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