Regina Daniels, Jaruma fight dirty over endorsement deal for love potion products

‘Kayamata’ merchant, Hauwa Saidu Mohammed popularly known as Jaruma has fired back at Regina Daniels claiming she paid the latter a whopping N10million for brand influencing duties.

The actress had made a lengthy post, disassociating herself and brand from Jaruma and her products.

Regina admitted to entering into a deal to advertise ‘kayamata’ for the brand ‘Jaruma’ but debunked ever using the products.

“I have NEVER AND WILL NEVER USE whatever she sells as I have no reason to…..” she wrote.

The billionaire wife went on to accuse the kayamata seller of exploiting her and brand for profit even after her influencing deal expired simply because they became friends along the line.

She also accused Jaruma of attempting to publicly tarnish her personality for selfish reasons simply because she used her platform to advertise kayamata products.

Reacting to the post, Jaruma via her Instagram page, narrated how she paid the actress N10million naira to promote her brand.

The aphrodisiac manufacturer said her decision was because Regina was in the spotlight being married to a much older man who happened to be wealthy.

She said she thought Daniels has more visibility and could reach much wider audience.

The kayamata seller claimed she had been friends with the 21-year-old actress even before she was contacted to promote her brand.

She wrote: “Jaruma constantly uses every opportunity to create content???? R u serious right now??? So why didn’t u also tell the world the price?? A whooping N10,000,000 Ten Million Naira…!!!

“U must be joking Gina..!! Jaruma & Regina were friends for a year before Jaruma paid Regina N10,000,000 Ten Million just for the purpose of visibility & reaching more audience since Gina was in the spotlight for marrying a much older man.

Jaruma claimed the actress only posted her videos thrice in the space of three months even after collecting as much as N10m.

“In 6 months, Regina only posted Jaruma 3 times! Maybe because Gina felt Jaruma is in Dubai and so she can just do anyhow. Therefore, Jaruma flew in from Dubai just to make Gina post at least 3 times a week,” she wrote.

She also listed all the things she had gifted the actress, her mother and staff during the course of the friendship.

“I gave you mum 1 million naira on her birthday. I bought u ur headphone N120,000. I paid for ur dinner at sinoski N172,000. On Sallah day, I gave ur maid Leah N100,000. I gave ur driver & police N200,000.

“I bought your mum a lace of N500k,” reads in part.

The kayamata seller further vowed to expose all the evidence she has that proves that Regina Daniels did not only do influencing duties but in fact, purchased and used her products.

“Today I will post all and every single video of u that I have been keeping a content to be posted gradually,” reads in part.

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