Plateau killings: ANN presidential candidate, Ideh demands declaration of state of emergency

The Presidential aspirant of the Alliance for a New Nigeria (ANN) Elishama Ideh has called on President Buhari to declare a state of emergency in the security architecture of the nation in the light of the latest attack on 11villages in Jos.

She decried the total disregard to the sanctity of human life, as these killings have continued unabated without any sign of stopping anytime soon.

In her reaction on the latest killing she wondered at how a rag tag army could overwhelm the Nigeria Army which has established an international reputation as one of the finest in Africa. Wondering what has happened to intelligence gathering by security agencies as their standard response has become the familiar refrain of “our troops arrived after the attackers have disappeared into the bush.

Elishama said, as a mother and wife I connect with the trauma of mothers watching helplessly as their children and husbands are cut down like animals or a daughter being gang raped by criminals, while our government embarks on jamboree as if it is normal. She calls on our security agencies to stand up and be counted as Nigeria is at war within; and even more worrisome is the ease with which the assailants commits this heinous crime without being apprehended.

This is a turf war and the government whose cardinal responsibility is the security of life and property of Nigerians has let them down abysmally. This recurring gory tale is no longer tolerable or acceptable.

She called for the immediate arrest and investigation of Danladi Ciroma and the leadership of Miyetti Allah whose leaders has been making inflammatory and suggestive comments about the killings and total proscription of the group as a terrorist organization and to determine the actual motive behind the killings and put measures in place to stop it. 

She said President Buhari and the APC led Federal government are acting like Emperor Nero who fiddles while Rome burns. Wondering how politicians could be scrambling for power while a segment of their population are being wiped out, Who will they govern if all the people get killed she queried. 

She called on eminent Nigerians as well as members of the public to speak up in defense of the right to life of potential victims whose live is being taken at will while we all watch as spectators, insisting that every Nigerian life matters.

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