One App Many Gains: How Transcorp Builds Nigeria’s First Ever Digital Hospitality and Tourism Platform 

By Adeoluwa Bravo

Transcorp Hotels Plc., owners of Transcorp Hilton Hotels has launched a one-stop digital application software catering for various hospitality, leisure and tourism needs for millions of Nigerians, while creating extra income opportunities for users, home-owners and budding entrepreneurs.

The new software application- named “Aura by Transcorp” is a revolutionary innovation built to transform the hospitality, travel and tourism industry in Nigeria by providing where people may stay while away from their homes, what they may eat and how they may get the best possible experience of beautiful scenes and environments within the shores of Nigeria.

Speaking at a virtual press conference on Monday, which had in attendance, the Director, Business Development, Transcorp Hotels Plc., Mrs. Ifeoma Okafor-Obi, said the Transcorp Hotel was prepared to transform the Nigeria hospitality and tourism industry through the new digital app -‘Aura’, pointing that the app is beyond merely getting accommodation in a strange land, but more about catering for people everywhere they go within the country, at affordable cost.

With this ground-breaking innovation, travelers and tourists are no longer limited to hotel bookings, as they can find comfortable serviced apartments that suit their “aura”, within the environment of their choice. With ‘Aura’ application, guests and visitors have a readily available host to cater for their needs and guide their movement around towns and cities during their stay.

Speaking further on the unique benefits offered on the platform, the Managing Director Transcorp Hotels Plc., Mrs. Dupe Olusola said ‘Aura’ becomes the number one Africa’s hospitality digital platform which does not only connect travellers to best and affordable accommodation, great foods available in the area, and memorable experiences; but further provide avenue for people with unoccupied homes, hotels, restaurants, to become hosts by listing their properties for short period use via ‘Aura’ platform, with reasonable income per visit. Also, budding entrepreneurs of different skills such as cooking, painting etc. can teach their skills on the platform, earning income from time to time.

Mrs. Ifeoma Okafor-Obi confirms that multiple layers of security and safety measures have been built in the app, with integrity filters and tests of assurance for guests and hosts subscribers. While feilding questions on affordability clause and the principle of “inclusionist” on the app, Okafor-Obi reiterates that the app is free of charge for all users, while completed transactions only attract 7.5% rate charges on the host.

She added that Transcorp Plc., has made “Aura” application open to all hotels and apartments for use, to democratize the hospitality industry and explore the many tourism potentials that abound within Nigeria, and at the same time provide equal opportunities for all stakeholders to grow along.

This she said, will reintroduce Nigeria to the rest of the world through the numerous wonderful ites and beautiful national heritage that will attract nationa, regional and global tourists.

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