Nigerian filmmaker awarded Honorary Fellowship at Oxford University

Mishael Maro, a producer and director from Nigeria, has received an honorary fellowship from the James Currey Society at the University of Oxford’s African Studies Centre.

For the 2022–2023 academic year, Maro, who will serve as an Academic Visitor at the African Studies Centre, University of Oxford, will return to the country to concentrate his studies on making historical motion pictures, with a particular focus on James Currey and his works.

Academic excellence, leadership, and commitment to one’s writing and arts are taken into consideration when choosing the James Currey Writing and Publishing Scholars.

The scholarship bears James Currey’s name in recognition of his contributions to African research and literature as a British publisher.

More than 120 applications were submitted this year.

Maro received an invitation from the Society for a collaboration on a film and publishing study project.

He was chosen to be a member of the James Currey Writing and Publishing Workshop Class of 2022, where he had the chance to interact with, collaborate with, and learn from seasoned scholars and writers.

Maro, who spoke at a workshop, said he became interested in neo-colonialism and theories of imperialism and that he now wants to concentrate primarily on cultural imperialism, hegemony, and the role and impact of colonies, particularly in West Africa, to enhance ethnographic research and develop values that support cultural revitalisation and rationalization.

He said, “After completing my degree and travelling round the world, I invested in arts, and also recently released the film titled ‘Abused,’ amongst others.”

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