LASG Increases Bodycam Use By LASTMA Employees

The Lagos State Government has given the employees of the Lagos Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) more body cameras in order to increase transparency in traffic management and enforcement.

During the weekend visit of Hon. Sola Giwa, Special Adviser to the Governor on Transportation, to the LASTMA headquarters in Oshodi, Lagos State, LASTMA personnel were given additional body cameras with a commitment to continue using them in order to increase credibility and confidence in the provision of effective traffic management and enforcement.

The Babajide Sanwo-Olu administration has introduced many technological innovations to address the transport challenges of the State, of which the body camera was one, for accurate traffic management among many other benefits, according to the Special Adviser explaining the reason for the redeployment of the devices.

Giwa expressed his optimism that the bodycam would be able to produce accurate reports of traffic law violations or complaints, as the case may be. He added that the bodycam would provide accurate confirmation of any statement made by both law enforcement personnel and motorists, and that the visual evidence would also be helpful in looking into complaints made by irate drivers.

The LASTMA General Manager, Mr. Bolaji Oreagba, gave an assurance regarding the camera’s operation, saying that LASTMA Officers have received proper training on its use and are therefore capable of handling the device. He also said that the camera would have a big impact on reckless driving.

He continued by saying that the bodycam project is a method that benefits both drivers and law enforcement because it would put an end to the frequent discussions over traffic law violations through thorough recordings.

The most exciting feature of the device, according to a LASTMA Officer who spoke at the event under the condition of anonymity, is that it adds another layer of security by deterring would-be assailants from committing their horrible acts because they know they would be caught on camera.

Since previously said, the body cameras made in Germany that were introduced in 2021 by Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the Governor of Lagos State, have been discovered to operate efficiently for 12 hours without blinking, as the battery life span is strong and durable for usage by Law Enforcement Officers.

The Transport Special Adviser praised the LASTMA Officers for their renewed commitment to ensuring that the State continues to experience significantly improved traffic management and thanked the whole LASTMA staff for their kind welcome when he visited the headquarters.

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