Hunger! Residents loot expired food items in Bayelsa


Aggrieved Bayelsa State residents on Monday broke into a warehouse on Isaac Boro Expressway, Yenagoa, and carted away palliatives kept by the state government.

It was gathered that the burglars, groaning under the hardship occasioned by the removal of fuel subsidy, took food items, particularly rice meant for victims of last year’s flood, were kept.

Bayelsa was described as one of the worst hit states in the country’s history.

Some of the food items carted away by the looters, it was gathered, had since expired but that did not stop them.

With the subsidy removal ramping up the price of petrol from around N190 to about N620 per litre in the state, prices of goods and services had correspondingly skyrocketed resulting in acute hardship for many households across the state.

President Bola Tinubu had promised some palliatives for Nigerians to cushion the effects of the removal as the administration announced N5 billion grants and foodstuffs for each state and the Federal Capital Territory, FCT.

owever, it has yet to be ascertained if the warehouse looted in Yenagoa housed food items promised by the Tinubu administration.

The state government has yet to comment on the incident.

A resident of Yenagoa metropolis said the information he got was that the looted palliatives were not new, stressing that they were left-overs from the flood period.

A source, who craved anonymity, said: “Many of the food items were bad, except perhaps the water. Yesterday, they were cleaning the place to pave the way for new palliatives to be bought in. But some people acting on erroneous information invaded the place and started looting the food items meant to be thrown away.