FG must solve security issues before 2023 – Anglican bishop

Stephen Fagbemi, the bishop of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, Owo Diocese, has urged the Federal Government to solve the country’s security difficulties and other pressing concerns before the general elections in 2023.

The cleric issued a warning that the nation might not fare well if the problems weren’t resolved.

At the opening of the 14th Synod of the Diocese of Owo Anglican Communion, which was held at St. Paul’s Church, Ifon, the seat of the Ose Local Government, Fagbemi issued the caution while reading the Bishop’s Charge. “Chosen to proclaim” was the topic of the synod.

According to him, Nigeria has found itself in a very sad situation, to the point where some are starting to say that it is turning into a failed state as a result of the government’s incapacity to deal with the issues facing the nation.

In response to the current security threat facing the nation, he urged churches and individuals to start self-defense mechanisms, warning that the nation may blow up if the government does not respond quickly.

He said, “What we heard from those who have been released from kidnappers’ den is that a particular ethnic group of this country is responsible and they have a plan to take over every part of the country. We have heard this line of claim several times. A responsible government ought to have investigated this by now and come up with a clear strategy for dealing with this trend.”

Regarding the upcoming general elections, the cleric stated that Nigerians needed candidates who had the skills and fortitude to lead the nation out of its predicament.

Additionally, he stated that until the government acknowledges every Nigerian’s freedom to follow their preferred religion free from intimidation and prejudice, peace, progress, and justice will continue to elude the nation.

Going into the 2023 elections without addressing these problems—as well as numerous others that pose a threat to our shared existence—is akin to postponing the terrible day. I call on all civil, religious, and political leaders in this society to put aside all personal agendas and address these pressing domestic problems.

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