Eight dead, seven injured as car crash in Bauchi


The state command of the Federal Roads Safety Corps has announced that eight persons were killed and seven others were injured in a single collision in Bauchi State.

According to a FIR released by the sector commander of the state’s FRSC, Yusuf Abdullahi, the accident involved a grey VW Sharon minibus with the licence plate BCH 465 XA that was part of the fleet of the Nigerian Union of Road Transport Workers and was utilised for business purposes.

According to the investigation, the deadly collision happened on Thursday at 12:03 p.m. in Kili village on the Darazo-Kari Federal Highway. It was also mentioned that rescue workers got on the scene at 12.10 pm.

“The total number of people involved in the crash was 15 made up of four male adults, six female adults, two male children, and three female children,” the statement said.

The FIR included information about the injured party, stating that there was one adult man, four adult females, and two female children.

Injuries included bruises, head injuries, and fractures; the likely reason for the collision was tyre bursts; some personal effects were salvaged from the scene; and the obstacle was removed.

Three male adults, two female adults, two male children, and one female child made up the eight people that perished in the tragedy.

The General Hospital in Darazo received the bodies and injured people for identification and medical care. After that, under the direction of the rescuer, SMI E Madu, the rescue squad successfully returned to the Base.