Anglican bishop opposes APC Muslim-Muslim ticket

The Muslim-Muslim APC ticket for the 2023 presidential election has been rejected by the Bishop of Calabar, Anglican Communion, Rt Rev Nneoyi Egbe.

He was addressing the second session of the diocese’s 11th Synod on Monday in Calabar.

He declared, We absolutely do not, will not and cannot accept a Muslim-Muslim or Christian-Christian ticket. Nigeria’s secularity must be respected by our leaders,” adding that everyone must feel a sense of community.

He said Nigeria’s democratic process was built on a wrong foundation, adding, “Having examined the Nigerian Constitution, its place in our polity, the application to our nationhood, we have arrived at the conclusion that Nigeria’s democracy is a scam. A comprehensive scam.”

The 1999 Constitution as amended was asked for, and he said, “Our institutions are built on lies. That is why we cannot fight corruption.”

Bishop Egbe criticized the country’s high degree of insecurity and demanding the establishment of State Police, he said, “Denying Nigerians this is evidence of government’s insincerity in securing the Nigerian environment against elements that are pursuing their evil agenda,” adding that calling on the citizens to own guns would only worsen the situation.

He said those kidnapping men of God and collecting ransom would pay with their lives, and condemned communal clashes in the state, saying, “It is ungodly, shameful and inimical to growth and progress to be involved in such barbaric attempts to achieve supremacy over neighbours. These wars are really satanic and can only produce satanic consequences.”

He said that the state’s highways were in terrible shape and demanded that the state administration improve them, finish and commission all industrial projects before leaving office, and deal with security issues.

Bishop Egbe also lamented “the insensitivity exhibited by our leaders to the plight of the common Nigerian” and said, “The current economic situation in this country leaves in its wake a trail of tears.”

He claimed that because the administration did not care about the nation’s future, tertiary education has been suspended for several months as a result of academic union strikes.

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