Anambra prohibits campaign posters in public areas

The Anambra State Government has prohibited the placing of posters on bridges and road demarcations along the streets before the start of campaigns for the 2023 elections in September.

Additionally, the state outlawed sticking campaign signs on light poles, roundabouts, and other public structures and locations.

These were mentioned in a press release that was signed by Tony Odili Ujubuonu, the managing director of Anambra Signage and Advertising Agency.

Ujubuonu ordered that presidential candidates pay N10 million, senatorial candidates N7 million, federal house of representatives candidates N5 million, and state house of assembly candidates N1 million in the statement that was made accessible to press on Saturday.

According to Ujubuonu, the funds would let them to put their campaign posters throughout the state.

He claims that before advertising materials in the form of posters, public address systems, banners, fliers, bunting, T-shirts, caps, and other items are exhibited for use by the general public in the state, they must be fully paid for and approved by the state government authorities.

In addition, he ordered that the money be transferred to the government income account before being distributed elsewhere, stressing that elected officials who defaulted would be prosecuted before elections.

The statement read in part, “As campaign for 2023 general election officially commences next month, September, Anambra State Signage and Advertisement Agency in charge of all forms of advertising in the state wishes to bring some important information to your notice;

“That pasting of posters on bridges, road demarcations; street light poles, round-abouts and public buildings remain prohibited;

“That every campaign material and advert forms such as posters, public address systems, banners, fliers, buntings, T-shirts, caps and sundries must be duly approved for after full payment of the requisite fee;

“That every billboard must be displayed through a registered advertising practitioner after the advertising content has been vetted by the APCON.”

According to the declaration, the mandatory expenses for mobile advertising and out-of-home media were set at N50,000 for branded vehicles, N5,000 for Keke rear branding, N500,000 for spectacular billboards, N100,000 for irregularly shaped billboards, and N500,000 for gantry displays.

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