[PHOTOS] 16 Ways to spice up your s3x life


If you’ve been with your spouse for a while, it’s natural for the initial spark to fade. Fortunately, rekindling the flame in your relationship is as simple as sending a flirtatious text or spending a day off together. Read through our list of tips to have a great, S3x life together to generate anticipation and feel turned on by your spouse again.

1) Send flirtatious texts or s3xy notes to each other.

Exchanging filthy texts and notes will get you both excited. Tell your partner what you want to do to them later via text, or send them a naughty pic of you. If you live together, put short erotic notes in locations you know your lover will discover them.

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2) Talk dirty to your partner in your daily life.

Outside of the bedroom, use nasty words to increase anticipation.Make a habit of whispering naughty things to your partner or incorporating references to S3x in your daily conversations. This will help you both think about S3x more and prepare for it.

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3) Inform your partner about your S3xual fantasies.

Open up to your partner about what you want so you feel satisfied. Request that they share their desires with you as well. Then, discuss how you could combine your fantasies into your S3x life so that you both get excited about it.

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4) Go on weekly dates.

Dates help you develop intimacy and heat up your relationship.Take turns planning dates with your partner to try new activities and make lasting memories. Talk and express affection on your dates so that you both begin to anticipate what will happen in the bedroom.

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5) Give your partner a small gift to remind them you care.

Purchase a gift for your partner to demonstrate that you are thinking about them throughout the day.Choose a nice gift or purchase flowers, chocolate, or lingerie. Hand it to your spouse in person, or send it to them at work as a surprise. It will make your partner feel unique and will create a sensitive moment between you.

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6) Take a day off together to follow your instincts.

Make time in your calendar for a peaceful day with your partner.Plan a day when both you and your spouse will be off work and free of other obligations. Clear your calendars and stop worrying about making plans. Then do the first thing that comes to mind. Challenge yourself to spend the remainder of the day following your gut instincts. This will not only assist create intimacy, but it may also lead to spontaneous S3x.

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7) Try something new to surprise your partner.

Break free from your routine to make your S3x life more fascinating.

Unfortunately, your routine can make your relationship feel less stimulating, potentially leading to a rut in the bedroom. Trying new things in your daily life can assist you in breaking out of this rut and re-establishing intimacy. Try something new and interesting with your lover, or surprise them with a wonderful gift.

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8) Set a romantic mood.

Use candles and music to set the stage for a fun, S3xy time. Getting S3xually aroused is partly mental, so setting the mood is important. When you want to have S3x, make an effort to create a romantic setting. Here are some ways to set a S3xy mood:

a) Light candles and dim the lights.

b) Use a colored light, such as a red bulb.

c) Play S3xy music, like Marvin Gaye, Al Green, or Usher.

d) Sprinkle rose petals around the room.

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9) Engage in foreplay to build your excitement.

Foreplay is key to a healthy S3x-life for both men and women. Cuddle, touch, and kiss when you’re together to build your intimacy. When you’re getting ready for S3x, fondle, caress, and massage your partner. This will build your anticipation before S3x.

  1. a) Try kissing your partner along their neck, chest, arms, and body.
  2. b) Slowly undress each other piece by piece.
  3. c) Incorporate foreplay into your regular daily activities to keep things exciting. For instance, squeeze your partner’s butt when you pass them in the kitchen or caress their skin when you’re watching TV together.
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10) Whisk your love away on a romantic getaway.

Spend quality time together outside of the house to reconnect as a couple. Quality time is an essential part of a relationship. You need time together to heat things up! Plan a romantic getaway,

just you and your partner.

Leave your worries behind and focus on rekindling your intimacy and getting frisky.

If you can afford a fancy trip, spend the weekend in a hotel.

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11) Enjoy a quickie when you find yourselves alone.

Spontaneous S3x is exciting, so look for opportunities to have it when you can. Take advantage of moments when you’re alone throughout the day without worrying about what you’re supposed to

be doing. Just enjoy the quick, intimate moment together.

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12) Stock up on S3xy lingerie.

Revealng underwear can add a bit of adventure to your love life. Choose lingerie that you think your partner will find S3xy. Then, experiment with different ways of incorporating it into your S3x life.

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13) Leave the bedroom for a S3xy romp in a new location.

Try a new setting to make things exciting again. While the bedroom is often the most convenient place to get frisky, you and your partner might get bored with it. Take your lovemaking outside the bedroom to get a new experience. This can make your S3x more fun and adventurous. Try one of these places:

a) Have S3x on the living room table.

b) Do it in your kitchen and bathroom

c) Do it in your car

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14) Role play a S3xy scenario.

Act out your S3xual fantasies with your partner. Choose characters or a scenario that appeals to both you and your partner. Then, act out a S3xy situation that turns you both on, and don’t forget to dress up for your part.

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15) Incorporate food into your lovemaking.

Sensuality includes your sense of taste. Add taste to your S3xual experiences with food, including desserts, edible lotions, and even edible clothing accessories. Target foods that are known aphrodisiacs, like oysters and chocolate. Include food in your S3x-play by feeding each other or licking it off each other.

 a) Drizzle chocolate onto each other or lick off whipped cream or even ice cream.

b) Feed each other grapes or strawberries.

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16) Play a S3x game to make things more exciting.

Use games to push you out of your comfort zone. Struggling to come up with new ideas together? Use a S3x game to explore new kinks and positions. Here is an example:

Dice game: Buy a pair of S3x dice or assign a meaning to each side of a regular dice. Then, roll the dice to see what you have to do to your partner. For instance, 1 might represent kissing, 2 might mean licking your partner’s nipples, etc.

Card games

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