Lady Denies Dumping Husband To Become Alaafin’s Wife

A banker and financial analyst Chioma Nwadike has denied reports that she dumped her husband to become the 13th wife of the Alaafin of Oyo Oba Lamidi Adeyemi.

Ms Nwadike did the rebuttal in a Twitter thread on Saturday.

Several media outlets had claimed that the lady was the Olori Chioma who recently attended the installation of Tomori Williams as Aare Onikoyi of Yorubaland with Oba Adeyemi.

She was alleged to have abandoned her fiancé for the monarch.

According to her, the man identified as her fiancé is actually her estranged husband with whom she is going through a divorce process.

Nwadike added that she has been subjected to online harassment because of the allegation, forcing her to deactivate her Facebook account.

Parts of her post read: “Recall that about a day or two ago the news that the Alaafin had allegedly taken a 13th wife whose name happened to be Chioma was on social media, which news I read as well.

“It is rather pathetic that yesterday the 12th day of March 2021, I discovered that my photos were attached to the marriage news of the Alaafin and has since been heavily publicized by blogs and news pages across various social media platforms.

“I trended wrongly on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as I was taken out to be a person who left her husband to be the Alaafin’s 13th wife.

“These false posts are all over the Internet and have amassed an unquantifiable number of views by Nigerians, including my friends and family.

“However, at the risk of not joining issues with these bloggers who have already achieved their nefarious aim of bringing my name to disrepute, I am putting out this statement, categorically debunking these rumors to be false, unfounded and malicious as this is clearly the work of mischief-makers, who would stop at nothing to malign my image.

“The person in the picture is my estranged husband from a failed marriage, the aftermath of which, I am still suffering till today. These past few months have been a turbulent ride for me, evident by this current false news and defamatory posts.

“I have also despite this instant news, received other numerous defamatory posts/comments on my Facebook account, people have sent private inbox messages to my friends, and even fake social media accounts have been created to troll and harass me which made me deactivate my Facebook page, just so I can have a semblance of peace.

“Sadly, reasons for these acts, merely orchestrated to malign and dent my image remains inexplicable to me.

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