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Ikogosi Warm Spring water, therapeutic in nature – Tour Guide

The natural cold and warm water at the Ikogosi Warm Spring located in Ikogosi Town, Ekiti, is good for the treatment of different forms of ailment.

Mrs Adeyeye Akolade, the Chief Tour Guide of the ancient tourism site, made this known while conducting no fewer than 25 Nigerian Travel Journalists round the site on Friday.

The journalists had visited the tourism site as part of the activities marking the ongoing 34th National Festival for Arts and Culture (NAFEST) in Ado-Ekiti.

The theme of the 2021 festival is: “Celebrating National Unity in Diversity.”

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the spring is a tourist attraction located at Ikogosi, a Town in Ekiti, South-West, Nigeria.

Akolade, explaining the history of the site to the visiting journalists, described the water as a therapeutic in nature.

“The water is therapeutic in nature for treatment of different forms of ailment like measles, malaria and in cases of skin infections, rashes, eczema and all,” she said.

The chief tour guide said that the four different types of warmer, warm, colder and cold waters now have a meeting point where it becomes obvious that the water do not mix, but rather usually embraced one another.

“The traditional healer, who sought for healing powers in the water, used it to treat impotent men and sick people generally.

“But upon his death, he consulted the God of healing and was transformed into the water together with his son and two wives.

“Another mystery is that at the side of the point where the cold and warm water meet are two different trees with same roots; one is a Mahogany Tree and the other is a Palm Tree,” Akolade said.

NAN reports that the festival, which commenced in Nov. 14, would come to an end on Nov. 20, with over 26 states in attendance.

It also reports that flowing abreast the warm spring is another cold spring which meets the warm spring at a confluence, each maintaining it’s thermal properties.

The Ikogosi Warm Springs is situated in a dense forest, extends over a hilly landscape with tall trees around the conflux of warm and cold springs, providing tall canopy for the tourists.

Tourism activities to be enjoyed at the tourist site are swimming, picnicking, partying among others.

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