I Won’t Go Abroad For Medical Check-up – Wike

Governor Nyesom Wike on Wednesday affirmed that he would not need to travel abroad for medical check-up as all that was needed for such was in his state.

He spoke against indignation against President Muhammadu Buhari’s trip to the United Kingdom for a medical check-up.

Speaking when he received a delegation of the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria at the Government House, Port Harcourt on Wednesday, Wike said he had everything he needs for medical examination in the Government House Clinic.

“The health care system in Nigeria requires very serious attention. It is unfortunate where we are. I don’t want to comment on people who are traveling for medical check. I have not travelled for the past two years.

“If we have all these things here why do we have to travel? We have all it takes to provide it. Why will I go out to do my check (overseas) when I have all the facilities in Government House,” Wike asked against the background of sentiments against Buhari’s medical check-up in the UK.

“I don’t need it. Everything that is required for me to undergo any test is here. The resources we have it. Why can’t we provide it for our people? You can imagine if I travel now for medical check. Do you know the money it will cost? Do you know how much it will cost poor tax payers? So it is very important that we should give attention to our medical facilities.”

Noting his determination to generate more internal revenue through medical tourism, by drawing Nigerians for medical check-up and treatment, Wike said that he was set to sign a contract with Julius Berger to build a world class cancer and cardiovascular facility in the state.

“This Cancer and Cardiovascular diseases center we are building, will have helipad, doctors quarter, everything. I want to collect the revenue from you people from other states. Don’t travel again. Come here so that the Dollar you will be spending overseas, you will spend it in Rivers state. That is my own agenda to beef up our internally generated revenue.

“For a country like Nigeria, we cannot boost of having where people can say they are leaving Egypt to come to Nigeria. Rather, our people are going to Egypt. It is such a terrible thing. That is the level Nigeria is. Basic things we are supposed to provide for our people, we cannot,” he said.

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