How Asa opened doors of impossibilities, influenced my career – Simi

...Why I don’t share private affairs on social media

Sonorous singer, Simi has opened up on why she doesn’t share her private affairs on social media.

Simi who captured the struggles women faced in her new single ‘Woman’ made this known during an instagram live session on Thursday.

She said knowing what not to share on social media helps her to set boundaries.

“It helps me to set boundaries and just keep those things to myself. I might have things that I am doing where it’s only a select few who I know that really care about me even if I wasn’t an artiste that they would know about. I don’t want to be a spectacle, but that is how people see me.This is entertainment. A lot of people don’t have boundaries. People will say things to you, they do things to you like you are not a person. When things happens to a celebrity, somebody says it’s part of what they signed up for, but that’s now what they signed up for. What you signed up for is to sing, that doesn’t mean you signed up to be unhappy. Or you signed up for people to judge you all the time. Don’t say things because it’s your opinion. You don’t have to share it.Social media has obviously broken up that divide. So there is that access. Anybody can drop comments .That is why I share only the things people should know. Because if you don’t have access to certain things, you cannot have opinions about them”.

Speaking further, the mother of one said people sometimes think she talks too much.

“People think one is talking too much has long as it is something that makes them uncomfortable, but if it is something they like, if it is something they agree with, they will support you”.

The ‘Duduke’ crooner also noted that Nigerian singer, Asa is one of her music influences.

“Asa opened the door to be able to do things that are outside the box.There was a mainstream sound, which is changing by the way. So listening to her made me feel like I can do anything”.

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