FCT police tighten security ahead PDP presidential primary

The Federal Capital Territory Police Command has reinforced security in Abuja ahead of the Peoples Democratic Party presidential primaries scheduled for Saturday and Sunday at the Moshood Abiola National Stadium in Abuja.

The event was anticipated to be marked by a large influx of people into the nation’s capital, especially party stakeholders participating in the elections.

Prior to the primary elections, the command stated that it has devised a comprehensive security plan involving the deployment of officers throughout the city.

Thursday, the Commissioner of Police for the command, Babaji Sunday, briefed the Divisional Police Officers and heads of various Tactical and Intelligence Units of the command, stating that the deployment prioritised the protection of all residents’ lives and property during and after the exercise.

He said, “The Peoples Democratic Party’s primary election is scheduled to hold from May 28 to May 29 at the Moshood Abiola National Stadium. The event is projected to be characterised by a high influx of people into the Federal Capital Territory.

“Consequent upon the above and in a bid to ensure a hitch-free event, the FCT Police Command has designed a robust security arrangement defined by a generous deployment within and without the election ground and to every nook and cranny of the territory.

“The deployment prioritises the protection of lives and property of all and sundry by emplacing counter-insurgency measures, maintenance of clear road access, robust stop-and-search at strategic points around the suburbs and city centre, effective crowd control, and intelligence gathering but to mention a few.”

Sunday, while admonishing the officers, charged them to respect the rights of citizens as they go about their duties.

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