Kendall Jenner reacts to criticisms over her acne infested face at #GoldenGlobes

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Acne is a skin condition most celeb’s dread the most, especially when they have the plans to grace an event or appear on the red carpet, but supermodel Kendall Jenner is an exception as she walked the red carpet with her head high at the 2018 Golden Globes on Sunday night.

Unfortunately, almost as soon as she hit the carpet at the glittering award show, trolls hopped online to point out that the brunette beauty complexion was less than flawless. It’s possible that the looky-loos she’s a human being and despite being a supermodel everyone has a bad skin day.

Rather than letting her acne keep her from attending the show or the trolls get her down, the 22-year-old made sure to inspire others who don’t always have perfect skin days.

On Monday, Kendall retweeted a supportive fan @yellowcustards, who wrote, “Ok but @KendallJenner showing up and strutting her acne while looking like a gorgeous star is what every girl needs to understand.”

Along with the retweet, the Victoria’s Secret model wrote, “never let that sh-t stop you!”

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