‘I never knew I married a stingy man until today,’ Nollywood actress cries out

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Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo recently took to social media to express displeasure over her husband, Bobby Maris’ stingy nature.

The movie star shared a video of her hubby devouring a meal zealously. A mouthwatering goat head could also be seen in his plate as he pounced hard on it.

However, Bobby Maris denied Uche Ogbodo a piece when she tried getting some while stating that it’s his food.

He went on to lick her fingers to make sure she doesn’t even have a taste of the food or liquid from the goat head.

All efforts and appeal by Uche Ogbodo to enable her get at least a bite were futile as he maintained rigidity.

Expressing resentment over her hubby’s attitude, the mother of two wrote:

“Never knew I married a stingy man until today. 

Oh God! This thing Called Marriage! 😩… Women are really going through a lot. “

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