Charly Boy denies planning soldier’s arrest

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Nigerian singer and activist, Charly Boy has reacted to the claims made by  a Nigerian soldier who revealed  that he was responsible for his arrest, which lasted 36 days.

In a chat with Punch, Charly Boy said that although he posted the video, which was suggested to him by a friend because of the message it passed across, he never denied reposting the video, as he never had any contact with the soldier.

In the post on his Instagram page, the solider, known as Emmy benison, noted that Charly Boy denied reposting  the controversial video and blamed the entertainer for his arrest.

He said, “This man (Charly Boy) is nothing but a liar. He claims to be fighting for justice but he is afraid to stand for what he is fighting for. I was arrested and locked up for 36 days because of this man.

“I reached out to him and he denied ever posting my video. I had respect for you as a man of integrity but you failed me sir,” he added.

Narrating what happened, Charly Boy said, “I’ve never met such soldier in my life, I remember uploading a video of a soldier, which I got from someone. I reposted the video because I thought it was odd for a solider to be so critical about the government. I don’t know him personally and I don’t know anything about his arrest.”


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