BBS7: Biggie assigns first task to housemates

On Monday, the Big Brother Level Up housemates received the brief for their first wager task of the season.

The housemates’ task this week is to put on a talent show that will be presented to Big Brother on Friday evening.

The brief stated that the housemates should work in groups of four for the task, and that the task’s theme is ‘VIBES!!!’

Remember that the 24 housemates were divided into two groups for this season. The first 12 housemates were assigned to the Level Two house, while the second 12 were assigned to the Level One house on Sunday.

Reading the task brief to the Level Two housemates, Phyna said, “Some of the requirements are that all the talents being displayed should happen simultaneously in groups of four. What this means is, in your group, you must showcase four talents at the same time.

“There may be multiple people showing Big Brother the same talent, but please keep it entertaining. For example, one housemate sings, another dances, and another plays an instrument, and so on.”

The brief noted that housemates were at liberty to form their groups, adding that their presentation would be judged on entertainment value, originality, skills, and overall performance.

The Big Brother Naija season 7, tagged ‘Level Up’, was officially launched on Saturday, and 12 housemates were introduced to the show.

On Sunday, the second set of housemates was welcomed into the house during day two of the launch event.

In a new twist this year, the second set of housemates was placed in a separate house, different from that of the first 12 housemates.

The house occupied by the first 12 contestants is the Level Two house, while the latest 12 contestants are in the Level One house.


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