Embattled Weinstein receives slap from a drunk man


Hollywood filmmaker Harvey Weinstein was reportedly slapped by a fellow restaurant patron at a luxury resort in Arizona on Tuesday night.

It was seen in the video obtained by TMZ that Weinstein was eating dinner at the Elements restaurant when this happened.

The film mogul, was with his “sober coach” when he was approached by two men sitting next to him.

One of them, Steve, said he asked Weinstein for a picture after telling him how much he loves his movies.

According to Steve, Weinstein then became belligerent and turned him down.

However, the manager of Elements told TMZ Weinstein was “very sweet” and simply told Steve, “I’d rather not take a picture right now.”

Steve, who had his friend videotape the interaction, said he approached Weinstein again at around 9 p.m., when the former movie producer got up to leave.

Steve, who admitted he had “quite a bit to drink,” walked up to Weinstein in the video and slapped him twice on the face.

“You’re such a piece of s—t for what you did to these women,” he said in the video.

At least 60 women have accused the 65-year-old of sexual misconduct.

Weinstein was dropped, as a result, by the studio he co-founded, and said he entered rehab to address his behavior.

But he has strongly denied all allegations of non-consensual intercourse.

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