BigT Autos Take on 5G and its Relevance to the world of Automobile

BigT Autos is one of the finest automobile companies in Nigeria is driven by the transformation in technology and as an enthusiast; it gives so much value to staying relevant in the mechanical world as well as the world of technology. The importance of staying up to date with current technology can’t be overemphasized because it a major driver of the automobile space.

Recently the launch of 5G sparked the world with its unique features, therefore, changing the face of technology in the whole world. The relevance of the fundamental inclusion could be felt more in automobiles take for instating a vehicle produced between the year 2000 to 2010; such can’t be compared to vehicles produced from the year 2011 to 2020. The consequences of this outcome are that there have been some great features that have been included in these automobiles such as body camera’s, body sensor, GPS as well as a host of others.

BigT Autos strongly believes that beginning from the year 2020, automobiles produced will serve a greater purpose than automobiles produced in previous years. It’s with this belief that such a vehicle will be well equipped with up to date security system, motor cameras, motion sensor, body sensor, latest GPS, economical body parts, eco-friendly engines, well efficient braking system and a much efficient tracking system.

The recent advancement in technology and artificial intelligence creates a strong mindset within BigT Autos that there will be more innovation in the future within the automobile-technology space compared to what’s currently being obtained in the automobile sector; in recent times we learn about vehicles that are auto-driven as well as rechargeable vehicles are currently been manufactured in the first world countries and without any iota of doubt, it will get to third world countries like Nigeria and other African countries.

It is perceived that this technology will drive a great change in many automobile components such as motion sensor that give the ability to track the movements of individuals within and around the vehicle while also cautioning erring automobile users and calculate the speed of moving vehicle without getting information from within the vehicle.



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