Why I had a failed relationship – Dan D’ Humorous

Why I had a failed relationship - Dan D’ Humorous

Prominent comedian, Dan D Humorous has expressed his thoughts on the downside of being in the limelight.

The chubby entertainer noted that his relationship once failed because it was all over the place on social media.

The convener of ‘Dan D’Humorous Disturbing Lagos’ said: ”Being in the entertainment industry comes with its perks and challenges. First of all, your privacy is impeded to a certain extent and you have to take deliberate steps to go through them. I have had a relationship that failed because It was on social media, it was all over the place, to many people begin put eye for the matter anyhow. It didn’t turn out right. But we are older and wiser now”, he told HIP TV in an interview.

The comedian also used the medium to urge his colleagues to keep their lives as private as possible.

“Try to keep your live as private as possible and manage it .Also note that this is your job. Treat it as a job and not as a lifestyle. Sometimes we put ourselves under undue pressure.We are just doing a job and the job happens to involve relating with a lot of people”.

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