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Prof. Mabel Evwierhoma of the Department of Theatre Arts, University of Abuja, has called on Nigerians to use the social media to promote culture and tourism potentials in the country.

Evwierhoma made the call in an interview with newsmen on Wednesday in Abuja.

“With Instagram, twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms that can spread information fast; I urge Nigerians to use them to promote our rich cultural heritage and tourist sites.

“Instead of posting fake news and worthless materials, take photograph at tourist sites and during cultural festivals and post it on social media.

“Also, our fashion styles, hairdo and cuisines could be posted on social media for the world to see; such will contribute to attracting tourists and stimulate their desire to make similar hairdo and eat our food.

“Let us not waste time on social media doing what will not benefit our crafts, culture and tourism; it is a veritable platform to show the world our rich cultural heritage,’’ she said.

Evwierhoma noted that Nigeria is multi-ethnic, inter-ethnic and multicultural, yet it had not exploited its cultural diversity to great economic and political gain.

She emphasised that it was crucial for Nigerians in all sphere of operation to value their culture.

He said that the moment a community disengaged itself from the positive and community strengthening factor embedded in its culture, it ceases to enjoy the benefits of cultural strength.

She explained that any community that pride itself in borrowing of cultural ways of life no matter how small may soon experience cultural extinction.

“It is necessary to abreast our cultural resources across the country. One way of making this information to be of public interest and appreciation is to make cultural display compulsory especially in schools.

“The Ministry of Education needs to collaborate with the Ministry of Information and Culture to actualise the synergies between them.

“Every school should have cultural administration who should engage in advocacy for the worth of positive aspects of our life to be enshrined in our young ones

“The nub of cultural reorientation cannot be over highlighted as far as the use of media strategies are concern.

“It is the strength and force of public and private support, patronage and sustenance that will protect our culture onto the global arena,’’ Evwierhoma said.

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