Odunlade Adekola recounts his experience as a UNILAG undergraduate

Nollywood actor Odunlade Adekola has described his undergraduate experience at the University of Lagos as “thrilling” following his graduation from the school recently.

Adekola is being rumored in many quarters not to have attended classes during the period his Business Administration programme ran.

However, the actor said such comments were untrue as his coursemates could attest that he took his studies seriously.

“Being in school was a really thrilling experience for me. I was humbled in the sense that I had to attend classes, do assignments, sit for exams and carry out other academic activities,” the father of four told Punch.

“I had a good relationship with all the lecturers that taught me and the students too.

“There was nothing like celebrity status. As long as we were in the classroom together, we were all one in our quest for knowledge.

“One should never get tired of seeking knowledge because the world is dynamic and ever-changing.”

He added: “I attended classes regularly and I did everything I was required to do. My course mates can testify. I was not a stranger to any of my course mates because I usually attended classes. I was the one who made the decision to go to school.

“I knew what it entailed and I was ready to adhere to the rules. I can tell you that I worked hard for my certificate.”

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