My Water Story

Let’s meet Ona and hear her story.

Ona Omopariola is an 11-year old Junior Secondary School student who lives in urban center of Lagos. Like other kids on the block, she has never accessed public water before. As a kid, she watched her mother undergo the strenuous routine of getting water for the family.

At 11, it is now her job to get water for the family. And the queue at the water vendor can be chaotic. And she makes five trips everyday to get enough water for the family. Other kids on the block wish the situation is different as the water source at the vendor is a borehole that serves over 200 residents who drink from it.

A sample was collected and taken to the laboratory at the Lagos State Material Research Testing Laboratory, Ojodu and the result was shocking. The test had exception of fail with the magnesium level at 11pm as at the time the test was done.

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