Fasoranti’s daughter: You all have failed us, Adebanjo blasts South West Governors

Fasoranti's daughter: You all have failed us, Adebanjo blasts South West Governors

Elder statesman, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, on Saturday, blamed Southwest governors for the security challenge in the zone and said they have failed in defending the people.

“You governors, you are supposed to defend us but for one reason or the other, you fail in that task. Our people were being kidnapped, our people are being raped, our people are being killed yet you keep quiet,”  an emotional Adebanjo said during a condolence visit to Chief Reuben Fasoranti whose daughter, Mrs. Funmi Olakinrin, 58, was shot dead on Friday by gunmen at Ore, Ondo State.

But Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State said the occasion did not call for political statements or coloration.

Adebanjo broke down in tears as he spoke at the Fasorantis’.

Speaking to reporters thereafter, Makinde said: “What happened is something very serious and if it had happened to somebody ordinary we would never hear anything.

Governors from the South West held a security summit and we are serious about it and we will take this seriously and what has happened will make us to double up our effort.

“This is supposed to be a federation with federal system and both the state and the federal government.

“We will continue to fight for true federalism and for the opportunity to be able to protect our people because it is so fundamental that we have to do it.

“This is the time to come together in unity to fight for our people, it is not the time to fight or look at ourselves as belonging to different ideological set up or different political parties.

“It is the time to bring the agenda of Yoruba land forward and fight it collectively. It is sad that something like this has to happen to nudge us to this direction. I want to seek everybody support and we will provide the leadership and we are not going to turn our back to the people.”

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