Comedian, SeyiLaw writes apology note to Efe’s fans

Nigerian comedian, Seyi Law took to his Instagram page today to apologize to Efe Ejeba’s fan after the winner of Big Brother reality show 2017 threw jabs at fans who voted for him during his stay at the Big Brother House.

Efe took shots at his fans after he made an announcement of the release of his EP titled “Am Sorry Am Winning” and some of his followers on Twitter told him to quit music, while others said they regretted voting for him when he went for BBNaija.

Efe replied by saying ” For all those saying they regret voting for me, I entertained you and your money expired they day the show ended. #AmSorryAmWinningEP

Comedian Seyi Law intervened with an apology/reinforcement note to Efe’s fans. See Instagram post below;

“There is no doubt there is a place for the fans and as an artiste, you must be cautious of how you walk there. @efemoney has spoken out of anger and made a mistake which might be justified but could be avoided. We all make mistakes, and he who is above them can crucify me. He has chosen a path for himself and you care too much trying to help him avoid mistakes, don’t be the one to make him make more of it,

Let us forgive him and let him grow and he might learn to do it right or decide to let it all go but let him have a say in his own life. I apologize on his behalf to those hurt and hope we can all embrace peace”

Every man to his life, let him live. God bless you.  SEYILAW



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