Bishop proffers solution to curb violence in Nigeria

FG spent N610.2bn servicing N13tn domestic debts in Q1

Rt. Rev. Akintunde Popoola, the Bishop of Ibadan South Diocese of Anglican Communion, has advised the Federal Government to make youth employment a fundamental policy to curb violence in the country.

Popoola, at a news conference held in Ibadan on Monday, said the current crisis facing the national economy  now was unemployment.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the news conference is part of the two-week activities lined up for the 20th anniversary of the Ibadan South Diocese of the Anglican Communion.

“It is a recognisable fact that there are barriers confronting the nation’s economy among which are unemployment, infrastructural challenges, devaluation, inadequate security, corruption and power failure to mention a few.

“Statistics show that a lot of blue and white collar jobs have been lost in the last five years.

“The rate of graduate unemployment has pushed many into postgraduate studies, only to finish and still be struggling for jobs even where the entry qualification is the Ordinary National Diploma,” he said.

He urged the government to stand up to the task of reviving the nation’s economy and come up with plans to restructure the country.

The cleric prayed that the newly elected and appointed leaders give sincere thought to a planned and true restructuring of the country to avoid a violent restructuring through revolution or religious and tribal conflicts.

Popoola said corruption had hindered the success and growth of the country, enjoining the government to, without bias, formulate and implement uncompromised policies capable of eradicating it.

He also called on the nation’s security chiefs to show more concern about the growing rate of insecurity in the country, urging the president to de-emphasis crisis-promoting policies.

The cleric further called on Christians in positions of authority to ensure the God in them reflected on their activities.

According to him, the country is in a bad shape because many who do not believe in God have continued with their wickedness.

“If we all discard self-ascribed glory, power intoxication, self-aggrandisement, pride and self-centeredness, our society and country will be better placed,” he said.

Popoola, while reacting on the recent criminal allegations against some clerics, said the Anglican Communion had a constitution that was heavily drawn from the Bible.

The constitution, he said, deals with every issue.

“We have a process that ensures such issues are investigated and whoever is found guilty of such crime or indiscipline is dealt with,” he said.

NAN reports that the two-week celebration, expected to end on July 21 would feature revivals, a mega rally, final of the inter-archdeaconries football competition and holy communion services.

It would also feature an anniversary lecture entitled: “A Going Church Makes a Growing Church.”

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